Landlord & Tenant

Are you a tenant with a bad landlord or a landlord with a bad tenant? Either way, consult us for legal advice.

Work Permits

Considering working in the Republic of Guyana?

Legal Aid

Are you a victim or do you do know a victim of domestic violence?


Considering citizenship of the Republic of Guyana?


Ramdhani Chambers can apply for Probate or Letters of Administration as the case may be.

We will advise you on the requirements, cost, process and the time it will take.

Criminal Charges

Detained, arrested, criminally charged and must face the magistrate? Consult us fast. Get Legal Representation!

Divorce Proceedings

Considering getting a divorce?
Ramdhani Chambers will answer all your questions. We will guide you on the requirements, process, cost and the time this will take.

Even if you are residing out of the Republic of Guyana; simply consult with us on the way forward. We can assist you legally.

The Family Court ​

Whether you are an Applicant-Petitioner or a Respondent, we can represent you in any case falling within the jurisdiction of the Family Court.

Need a Divorce? Let us advise you on requirements, cost, process and time.

Child father refusing to let me see my child and has taken her away with him.

Child father is refusing to pay child support. I need an Order of the Court.

My husband is refusing me my share of the property and is collecting all the rent.

Stiffer Penalties

Driving Under the Influence of drink or drug

The Motor Vehicle Road Traffic (Amendment) Act , 2022 also provides for Motor Manslaughter and Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm whilst driving under the influence of drink or drug.


Buy, Sell & Gift

Are you buying, selling or gifting immovable property? If you are, then you will require a lawyer to legally represent you throughout the transaction. Whether you are the buyer or seller, or whether you are the Donee or Donor, a lawyer is crucial to your transaction. 

Make an Appointment

There are a number of documents which must be prepared once the parties have reached an agreement. Ask us for Specific Details. 

Once the paperwork is done, it needs be signed by the concerned parties. Thereafter, these papers are filed at the relevant Registry and filing fees, etc, are then paid. 

After filing the matter is checked by the Clerk. That in order, along with Compliance and Rates and Taxes in order the matter passes to the other party. If it is a transport, it ought to take about 2.5 months, if title then about 3 weeks.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vis an nihil tation doctus, mel ne iriure accusam evertitur. Te omnes repudiandae pri, dolores appetere incorrupte id nam. 

Haymant Ramdhani


Whether you are residing within the jurisdiction of Guyana or in another country, Ramdhani Chambers can get your legal work done in Guyana; including probating a ‘Will’, applying for Letters of Administration, or getting your divorce done.


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