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Accessing legal assistance may prove difficult for many victims of domestic violence are financially strained. At Ashton Kush Legal Aid, we represent you from scratch to Protection Orders under our legal aid clinic.

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Are you a victim of domestic violence? Don’t wait, it may be too late. Tell us your story.

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Conduct Domestic Violence

  • Scoffing at the personal worth of a person
  • Stalking someone
  • Drugging someone
  • Harassment
  • Depriving a person of adequate food and rest
  • Persistent unwelcoming calls to a person
  • Threats of violence

Persons who can Apply

  • Married/were married
  • Common law/were in common law union
  • Are/were in a relationship of a sexual nature

Court Orders

  • Protection Orders
  • Tenancy Orders
  • Possession Orders

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We Make it Easy for You

Let Your Abuser face Court

See relevant sections of the Domestic Violence Act, 1996.

  • Brief Interview

Call and make an appointment to meet with a representative or counsel, or simply fill out the form and send to us. We will respond soon as and move to set up interview with you. 

  • Instructions from Victim

We will record the interview data and move to prepare the relevant documents in the matter. 

  • File & Service

Thereafter, we will sign up, make relevant copies, file and the matter is then served on the Respondent Abuser.

  • court work

At this stage , counsel will appear in court throughout your matter until its determination.

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